✨ By special request from a coach like you... ✨

Learn the Simplest Way To Build Your Life Coaching Audience FAST!

LIVE! Monday, October 23, 9:30 am Central
(10:30 am Eastern, 7:30 am Pacific)

I know what you're thinking..."What the heck is a Social Media Challenge Funnel and why do I want to do that?"

Basically, this is the easiest way to host a multi-day challenge event so that you can build an audience within your niche and create relationships with them that will turn into paying clients.

Why is this 2-hour workshop too good to miss?

  • Expand Your Coaching Reach: Discover strategies to reach a broader, yet more targeted, audience through effective online challenges, enhancing your coaching impact.

  • Community Building: Learn how a challenge can form a strong, supportive Facebook community around your coaching services, fostering a sense of belonging and trust.

  • Increase Your Income: Understand how a well-designed challenge can convert participants into paying clients, ultimately boosting your coaching business's revenue.

  • No Tech Hassles: Step-by-step how to conduct a Facebook challenge seamlessly, using the bare minimum tools, eliminating the need for complicated tech setups.

Yes, it really can be that simple!

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